About us

Toysaurus, z.s. is a non-profit organization that offers its members the opportunity to borrow toys for their children aged from birth to 6 years. The library was founded in order to help parents in finding suitable toys for their children nowadays, when the toys cost a lot of money and children’s interests change rapidly! In this way, we provide families with access to a range of educational toys and games that help with child’s development.

Toysaurus allows parents to please their children with many new toys, but at the same time to comfortably “clean up” the unwanted toys when they lose interest in them. Join us and offer your children new opportunities, teach them to share things with others and to be more environmentally friendly. Toysaurus, z.s. is managed by a voluntary committee of members, mainly parents and grandparents.

Our vision

Our aim is to provide access to high quality, affordable and fun toys that contribute to children’s educational play. Toysaurus aims to enrich and delight the next generation by offering a first-class toy rental service while saving the environment and teaching children how to behave respectfully from an early age.

Our motto is “Learning through play”, because playing is essential for children’s learning and development:

  • Playing leads to better learning outcomes for school-age children.
  • Playing with others leads to empathy and a better awareness of the child’s feelings of others
  • Play also helps teach children the rules of our society
  • An active child becomes an active adult
  • Playing contributes to the child’s intellectual development, which is closely linked to his physical development and skills
  • Children who play feel safer in their environment

Our principles and values

Fun, development, sharing

We encourage parents, children and carers to try new things and discover new ways of playing and therefore we stimulate the imagination and creativity of young and old.

Toysaurus library aims toshare knowledge about the importance of the game. For us play is the most powerful tool for children’s development as play encourages learning of new things in many different ways. 

We share what we can, help each other and teach each other!

We are environmentally friendly

We take our environment into account and adopt sustainability in all our activities and we involve the community in the process. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the toy library teaches children to share with others. When returning toys, you have the opportunity to explain to your child that now is the time for someone else to play with it. By borrowing toys, we help to reduce the toy production. Did you know that 1 in 4 toys is fun for children only in the first week. We are constantly looking for other ways to be even better. Do you have a tip for us? We will be happy for all tips and advice, drop us a line!

Our toys are fun, educational and safe!

Our philosophy of choosing toys is that they should be multifunctional and require children to use and develop their own skills. Of course it’s also a lot of fun! With more than 300 items to offer, Toysaurus toy library membership can fascinate your child for many years at a very low price. It is true that borrowed toys can be a bit worn out, after all, children play with them and have a lot of fun with them. However, you can be sure that the toys are disinfected after each loan and carefully checked to ensure they are safe and ready for further play.