The Toysaurus toy library works just like a regular library, except that you borrow toys instead of books! You will simply come to us, choose some toys and borrow them to take them home. You can always exchange toys for new ones and just watch how your children enjoy spending time with for the new toys and you don’t accumulate any at home. With Toysaurus, children can play with an unlimited number of real toys, acquire new skills and develop their creativity and imagination. Parents benefit from getting their children off the screens, saving money, reducing clutter and saving the environment as toys are recycled.

Just as you have to be a little more careful with the books you borrowed from the library, you have to take care of the toys, such as make sure you have all the toy parts, do not leave the toys outside in the rain or where they could be stolen, make sure your children did not abuse or break the toys intentionally, and finally clean and dry the toys before returning them. Please read our Library Rules document.

We recommend that you use the library as a member, but if you are not sure whether you want to become a member, you can first try our toy rental. Visit our Become a Member section.

It’s simple! Borrow a toy, play with it, return it and borrow a new one 🙂

1. Register and choose the toys you want to play with

Register with us first, it’s free. Then decide if you want to become our member or just try the toy rental service at first. As a member you will have access to more toys on favorable terms.


After joining the association and paying the first membership fees for, you will receive 10 Toysaurus points, which you can exchange for toys.


As a non-member, after completing the online registration, you can buy up to 5 Toysaurus points for which you will be able to borrow toys. The price of 1 point is 150,- CZK.

Then start choosing from our toy collection in the library or browse our toys online. We have most of the toys in several copies, so that they can get to everyone. We keep adding new toys all around so you can always come across something new.

Půjčovna hraček

2. Bring the toys home

After making a refundable deposit, you will receive a confirmation of what toys you have borrowed and the date by which they must be returned.  At home, you will need to check that all borrowed toys are complete, and your children can start to play with these for them new toys.

Keep the toys for as long as you wish. You can have them at home for the whole loan period or for a shorter period. When you feel like you have enjoyed them to the fullest, return them to the library. Either all or only those that are already idle in your home.


In the first year of membership, the refundable deposit is CZK 250 per toysaurus point. The following year, this deposit will be reduced.

The loan period for toys is 30 days. If you want, you can extend the rental period (before it expires) by 7 days without returning the toy to the library. You can do this only once in person at our library or by email. Extensions will only be allowed if the toy had not been reserved.


The refundable deposit is 300 CZK for each toysaurus point.

The loan period is 30 days and cannot be extended. If you do not return the toys in due time, we will be forced to deduct a late fee from the deposit.

3. Return the borrowed toys and try new ones

When you and your children have enough of the borrowed toys or before the loan period expires, return the toys to our library and exchange them for new ones. We expect each member to return their toys in the condition in which they would like to borrow them. Upon toys return, we will properly inspect and further clean all toys.

You can simply rent other toys or even book them in advance to make sure they are available. The reservation fee is 5,-Kč per toy. Reservations can only be made by members of the association.

If a toy is lost or damaged, together we will find a solution to fix it. We won’t tear your head off!