The Toysaurus toy library offers 300 different items. You can borrow up to 5 toys at once. In order to logically organize our toys offer, the toys are divided into categories according to their size, purpose and the child’s age.

Come and browse our toys in the library or cjeck out our online catalog. In the online catalog, you can also sort and search for toys by their skill, theme and brand.

Age categories

Both in the library and in the online catalog, the toys are divided according to the child’s age the toy is intended for. We are working towards being able to offer 4 categories of toys:

The most amazing thing about toys for the little ones is that they offer a great way to connect with your baby and help their developpment in a fun way.

Offer your toddler lots of simple toys and games to help them develop their mobility, coordination , fine motoricity, sences and emotionally evolve.

At this stage, play time is crucial in your children’s social development – they will learn more about the world around them, including their emotions and other people’s feelings.

Your preschooler will thrive by simply doing things. Their ability to learn new physical and emotional skills will amaze you!

Size / Toysaurus points categories

For rental purposes, our toys are divided into 4 categories according to their size and value:

Small toys

2 Toysaurus points

Medium toys

3 Toysaurus points

Big toys

4 Toysaurus points

Giant toys

5 Toysaurus points

Type categories

Our toys are further divided according to the type of play they involve. Are you looking for suitable bath toys or would you like to find out if your child may be interested in playing musical instruments?

Infant toys

This section contains toys and items to support the development of infants to reach their first milestones: senses, fine motoricity, rolling, crawling,  and walking.

Activity and coordination

In this category you will find many great toys for development of fine but also gross motor skills designed for children of at least 1 year of age.

Music instruments & toys

In our toy library, there is also a wide selection of musical toys that are designed for beginning musicians of all ages.

Educational toys & books

Are you looking for touch, magic or other activities books? Or do you want to explain to your children how the human body or the planets of the universe work?

All children like to build, demolish  connect and create. We have an inexhaustible number of different classic and modern building kits.

Role play and dress up

In this section you will find a play kitchen, a vaccum cleaner or a vet’s briefcase as well as children’s costumes, which are great for events at kindergarten.

Play sets and dolls 

As children grow, they enjoy intricate storylines with pirates, knights, dinosaurs, or simply taking care of a baby or making up barbie stories.

Do you want to enjoy a new car collection? Did planes or other means of transport begin to be popular in your home? Our collection contains many various sets.

We have puzzles for young and old. The  games section contains board games for children from the age of 2, as well as games for the entire family to enjoy.

Do you want to know if your child would use a balance bike, bicycle or scooter? With us, you can try which type is best for your child.

Toys for outside

We have everything you need for the sandpit, but also for other outside entertainement, such as various games, slides and houses.

In the category of water toys you will find everything from animals, submarines and other bath toys, as well as swimming pools and water toys for outdoor use.

Montessori toys

Are you interested in the Montessori method? Do you want to see how it actually works or just try on what these toys are based?

Are you looking for a toy that shines, whistles and bounces? Do you want to give your child such a toy, but only for a while? Borrowt it from us!

Skill categories

Do you want to help your child develop a specific skill? Use the skill categories, where you will find toys sorted according to what they contribute the most: understanding of the world (sensory perception, STEM, creativity), social development (speech and communication, empathy and cooperation), physical activity (fine and gross motor skills, adventure), mindfulness (entertainment, independence, adaptability).

Theme categories

Does your child like dinosaurs, pirates, disney characters or can’t he be without a fire truck? Take a look at this category in our catalog to make it easier for you to choose toys to borrow.

Brand categories

Do you prefer playmobil figures or real duplo cubes over toys from other manufacturers? Did you like a brand because of its quality or production policy? You can also choose toys from the catalog according to your brand preference.

Are you unsure on what toy to choose?

We hope that in the near future we will be able to offer you our toy packages that are suitable for those who are not very familiar with our toy catalog, or are not very sure which toys to choose to help their children reach specific milestones, or simply need to entertain many children at once. Over the time, your member section will also give you the opportunity to have toys recommended based on what toys you have already borrowed from us, the age and stage of development of your children, which will adequately support children’s creativity, curiosity and other essential skills. Because every child is unique, we learn about their preferences and needs and design the most suitable toys for him! Watch the News section for more information!