We are still looking for sponsors to continue to offer our services of our toy library to everyone. We are supported (both financially and non-financially) by several great organizations, but we need to raise funds every year to maintain supplies and renew toys, cover operating costs and maintain the quality of our services.

Why us?

  • We are the first Toy library in Prague offering iur services to both czech and expat families.
  • Our policy is to provide our services to as many children as possible, therefore we keep our member fees as low as possible – our 250,-Kč monthly fee (a price of 2 happy meals at McDonald’s) provides the possibility to borrow up to 5 toys at once and switch them as much as our members like.
  • Toysaurus toy library is a place where members (mainly mums on maternity leave) can develop their skills and project and thus feel a little more involved and acknowledged in their daily life.
  • We stay up to date and adapt our services according to the curent situation and trends. We search every opportunity to be better for our community.
  • The Toysaurus toy library offers an opportunity to reduce the impact on our planet, so that the generation we are raising will be able to enjoy it.
Your gift helps us immensely and if it is higher than CZK 2,000 (for companies) or CZK 1,000 (for natural persons), it is tax deductible according to the Czech Income Tax Act § 15, par

Our sponsors

Economy studio